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Relocating to and from South Florida

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A new year has kicked off, and for many families it means they may be living in a different home, state or country by the end of the year. This is the case for many residents in South Florida that have been transferred by their company for various reasons to work here. For some families they had a choice and for others not the case. 2016 will be another year where families unexpectedly are being told by their employer to move to or away from South Florida. We live in a vibrant real estate market where the average homeowner stays for no more than 7 seven years in the same house. This has a lot to do with South Florida being a big market for company relocation and is one of the reasons why it is a good place to own a home. Having a more frequent change in homeownership means our values keep a positive trend with increases compared to other states that don’t have the high rate of newcomers. We have large companies and corporations right here “in our backyard” with easy access to South America and Europe that move their employees in and out when needed. Some of these employees are often times moved around more than once which counts for several real estate transactions. This is not necessarily good for the families, but for the local real estate market it does have benefits. It means more homes and condos needs to be built to fit us all in. Relocation is one of the reasons why South Florida remains attractive to live and own and adds to the versatility of the many cultures that live and work here.

Hansen Realtors has helped many relocation families in the past 15 years either to buy or sell their homes when they have been told to relocate or changed jobs. It is important to have a Realtor that is experienced and know how to guide families through this process as smoothly as possible. The main decision for a family always comes down to whether to rent or buy. Rarely are families relocated for less than two to three years which means buying are a more valuable option than renting. Rents in 2016 are still forecast to be high and with market somewhat stabilizing it is recommended to buy depending on the situation of course. Despite the increase in values over the past several years South Florida is still a very affordable place to buy a home compared to other attractive places around the world. The companies relocating employees include money for housing expenses in their salaries and often times schools expenses as well. Bigger companies use relocation companies that specialize in the process of relocating people around the world. They help with everything incl. finding the realtors, managing the expenses involved whether buying or selling. In certain cases they may cover a loss when a house they purchased years ago now is worth less. Need additional information regarding relocation? Please contact us at 754 235 5505 or send us an email to

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